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    Images in design mode don't draw their source from the correct directory?

      I'm using flex builder 3 in os x. I've only recently started using flex but this seems pretty odd. In design mode I drag an image onto a panel. It starts out with no source, so of course it's a broken image icon.

      If I put my image into the 'bin' directory then I have to enter the source of the image as 'bin/image.jpg' to make it show up in the design view. But then when I 'Run' the project the image is broken.

      If I enter the source as 'image.jpg' then it doesn't show up in design mode, but it does show up when I run the project. Thus it appears that in design mode the 'current' directory is the main project directory whereas when starting the project the main directory is the 'bin' directory where it creates the swf.

      The only way I can make this work reasonably well seems to be to put the image in both the main project AND in the bin directory by hand. Of course that's a maintenance nightmare.

      What am I SUPPOSED to do? (other than embed the image in the swf)