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    How to stop looping in ActionScript 3.0 document?


      Please bear with me, as I am extremley new to this ( i.e, I started yesterday).


      I had wanted to just create a simple button that would allow me to move through 4 frames. Since I wasn't sure how to do this, I followed this tutorial : http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oh_ltA0px0M


        Everything worked fine, and I followed it exactly ( except, four frames rather than three). When I was finished, I went to Test Movie. Unfortunatley, instead of me being able to click the buttons, all the frames just kept looping themselves over and over. Yes, I did use the stop(); command, as I used the exact code in that tutorial ( I even tested in on a new frame next to the others) but it still won't work. Help?