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    Frustrated Phill

      Purchased ebook from cph.org  Downloaded Adobe Digital Editions   Can't get my book from internet cph site to computer Adobe Digital Editions library     error box states: Unable to download   Error getting license. License Server Communication Problem: E_ADEPT_REQUEST_EXPIRED    tried unauthorize and re-authorizing     time zone and date correct    now what?

          Derek Leng Community Member

          One possible reason is that it takes too long time between downloading .acsm file and fulfilling book, which makes the fulfillment ticket expired. The expiration time depends on the cph.org. It could be from couple of minutes to even couple of hours. You may check with cph.org.


          The other possible reason is that your computer time is not correct. Please be sure that your computer is set to correct date, *time*, and time zone. I recommend you to set your computer time auto sync with Internet time server.


          Good luck!


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            S_BVG Community Member

            This error occurs if the computer time, date, and time zone does not match the time/date/zone where you are currently  staying.


            Could you please check whether the computer time, date, and time zone match the time/date/zone where you are staying currently ?

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              I'm having the same problem as Phil and am also frustrated.  I have a new computer with Windows 8, have checked the time and time zone and both are correct.  I have downloaded books from my local library, but have not been able to drag them into DE.  I get the same error message.  Can somebody please help with this?  I've found no way to communicate directly with Adobe. 


              My old computer ran on Windows 7 and I never had any problems with it.




              Merry Lou

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                Frustrated in AZ Community Member

                Sorry, but this message is unique to a discrepancy between your computer

                and the source.  The DATE, time and time zone must be accurate to where you

                are.  I'm not sure how Win 8 handles these settings, so I can't help you

                discover whether there's some gremlin or possibly two places to look for

                the process of setting these values.