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    Slide Show Project

    KPawlak Level 1

      I bought Photoshop Elements Premiere yesterday.  I spent 5 hours doing a slide show project today which I saved as I went along.  Now I can't find the slide show in my project list when I log-in.  Where did it go?

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          Barbara B. Level 7

          Hi, KPawlak. This is the Photoshop Elements forum, and not many of us use Premiere Elements. I'll move your post to the PRE forum for you.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Welcome to the forum.


            Did you create your SlideShow in Organizer?


            If so, you should be able to just go back to Organizer, and do a quick test SlideShow, Save, and then look where the Organizer is Saving the Project.


            Good luck,



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              KPawlak Level 1

              Thank you Bill.  That's exactly what I did and learned that it saves to the "Media Browser".  I had no idea what that was but played around and found it in what appears to be the page with all of my photos in it.  I think this may be the Organizer.


              So, the slideshow is complete with the exception of audio.  I have music from my iTunes account that I would like to use but Photoshop doesn't seem to recognize the iTunes file.  It's insisting upon MP3 files. 


              Can you tell me how to use my iTunes music with my Photoshop project?





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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                Let's start a bit further back. When one Saves a SlideShow, or in PrE, a Project (can be a SlideShow, Video, etc.), that Saved file is ONLY for use by the Organizer, or PrE, and contains no Assets, or visuals, yet. That file is only an XML database, so it is just XML code, at that point. This article goes into a bit more detail: http://forums.adobe.com/message/3397716#3397716.


                Next, after you have Opened that Project, you can then output it, and usually to a file. At that point, the program follows the links in the Project file (PREL in PrE), and produces the final output. With the case of a SlideShow, there is another output option - Send to Premiere Elements. That writes a PREL (a Project file) and Opens that in PrE, where one can choose Break Apart, to do more editing. When that editing, which might include adding elements, is complete, one would then Export/Share/Publish that Project to an AV file, of the desired/required specs., say to an AVI file, or even author that Project to a DVD-Video, or BD (Blu-ray Disc).


                As for iTunes, those are created on the computer as a proprietary format file. With newer iTunes, those iTune files should Import fine, but that was not always the way. Going back a bit, one had to complete a few more steps:


                In iTunes, they would create a Playlist, containing all iTunes songs required.

                Burn the Playlist to a CD.

                Rip that CD to a usable file format, like PCM/WAV (best choice), or perhaps MP3 (can be problematic)


                As I do not use iTunes music in my videos, I am not the expert, plus I seldom update my iTunes program, until I must do so, as the newer versions seem problematic with a lot of other programs on my computer - same for Apple's QT Player - I only update when I must, and then, only when others have reported no problems between the newer versions and my Adobe programs.


                Good luck,