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    Slowdown time between 2 keyframe

    LeeXiaoLoong Level 1

      hello guys, how can i slowdown a movement between 2 keyframe?

      if i want to move a square i create 2 keyframe and press f9 than i create anotherone just in the middle and press f9, it work but in the middle it stop for a frame... is there a way to just slow down instead of a stop for 1 frame?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          No easy answers. You need to read up on keyframing  and just learn the fine art of tweaking them.



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            BenjaminMarkus Level 4

            a.) Select your keyframes and then press the graph editor button.  From this view you can select each of your keyframes individually and move them around in time or up and down to control the velocity manually.  The bezier handles around the keyframes also allow you to control the curve of the motion.


            b.) Instead of simply pressing F9, which converts keyframes to "Easy Ease" (hourlgass-shaped keyframes), you might want to try right clicking on individual keyframes and playing with the other easing functions.  Usually you want to "Ease Out" (left-pointing-arrow keyframes) of a motion as it starts and "Ease In" (righting pointing arrow keyframes) to a stop.


            c.) You can also play with other auto easing functions such as "Linear" (diamond keyframes), "Hold" (square keyframes) and "Auto Bezier" (circle keyframes) using the buttons at the bottom of the graph editor window.




            There are many more detailed tutorials on the internet.  Here's one that I found with a quick youtube search:


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              LeeXiaoLoong Level 1

              the editor moving manually the "wave" is cool but you must use double click on them and set manually the value to always have a perfect timing between them or it risk to be faster before and slower after etc anyway thank you

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                BenjaminMarkus Level 4

                I never double click and manually set keyframes.  I always just move them around in the graph editor until the animation looks right.  For me having perfect timing before and after is usually undesirable, because that would create extremely smooth and mechanical movements.  I think it's better to have a natural movement that fits the timing of the animation rather than movement dictated by numbers.  I'm sure there are cases where manual settings might be useful, but I never use them.  Anyhow, glad to have helped.

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