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    Problem with Content Sync cache

    Daniel Valencia Backhoff



      I've setup the Content Sync Framework with the sample iphone app (as specified here->  http://dev.day.com/docs/en/cq/current/developing/mobile/contentsync.html) but I found a problem with the framework.  It seems that Content Sync does not work without emptying the cache first.  Here are the steps to reproduce:


      1. Make a modification on author instance (add a page for example)
      2. Activate the change
      3. Make sure change gets published correctly
      4. Go to Content Sync console in publish instance
      5. Click "Update Cache" button
      6. Click "Download Full"
      7. Open zip file and navigate to events.touch.html page
      8. Changes are not there (This is the actual problem).
      9. Now go back to the Content Sync console
      10. Click on "Clear Cache" and then "Update Cache"
      11. Click "Download Full"
      12. Open zip file and navigate to events.touch.html page
      13. Changes are there.


      I have CQ5 Version 5.5.0.load25 setup in author/publish mode and I tested using the provided Geometrixx Go application.



      Appreciate any help on this.