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    Export Timeline come on...?


      In Photoshop CS6 (fantastic software)


      I tried to save movie clip, but it's not as it looked before saving.

      I rendered before saving to see the result.. but something 'extra' appears on final movie (waited 26h for 12 sec. of movie).

      Well then I tried saving as Image sequence, but only first frame is OK rest is wrong..

      then i try from next frame but still only first frame.

      It's always a 3D layer, either reflecting or casting strange ligths or shadows wich is the problem, but I didn't order/make it.

      So I have to save it frame by frame and then merge sequence into timeline to make MP4.


      So am I doing something wrong?


      frames: 299

      layers: 8 (2 is 3D)


      Regards Roskilde-TV