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    Data merge multiple records not finalizing (not using master page)

    hey_tiff Level 1

      I'm having an issue with CS5 & 6 data merge. I've used this feature for several years in CS5 and I just started a new project and have run into a major issue.


      I began in CS6, created my document with my single text & image fields, began the merge with my .csv file. I previewed and everything looks great until I create the actual merge. Then it populates the fields like a single record merge. I reviewed & problem solved the best I could from my past experience but got the same result each time. I jumped on the forum, saw where trying different data file formats might be a fix but it didn't change the output.


      Before merging


      Previewing multiple records, data shows up, in the correct populated format



      Final merge is incorrect


      I've also compared my .csv files with previous successful merges back in the spring before upgrading to CS6. I can't see any differences.

      I also jumped back into CS5 and ran into the same issue.


      What has changed with ID from my last project using DM in CS5 this past spring? Is there something I'm missing about my data?


      (Updated ID CS6 today before working)