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    Cineon Effect for Grading 10bit Sony S-log footage

    Crooked Path Films Level 1

      Hey all,


      I've been studying and doing color for years now.  But since I started using a Sony F3 with 10bit S-log recorded to an external recorder, I've been finding that the Cineon Converter effect gives a VERY filmic look to the image.  I used the S-LOG whitepaper to set the correct settings with the Cineon effect and wowzers does it look good.  (link to whitepaper)


      There is of course a major issue when using the effect...it clamps the footage down to ******* 8-bit, which totally defeats the purpose of shooting 10bit.  My question is more for Adobe...is there any way you guys can make the effect a 32bit or accelerated effect?  That would be huge. 


      My other solution is to simply create the same graded look in the stock tools or even Magic Bullet or Colorista.  Speedgrade has the ability to apply a cineon lut but honestly Speedgrade isn't where I want it yet to justify using it for my projects.  I have tried and tried but I just can't get it looking like Cineon.  Has anyone out there successfully been able to grade similar to Cineon?  The closest I came up with is a combination of RGB curve and Gamma Reduction.  Any ideas?