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    How do I update blacklist

    BillClag Level 1

      I need to install a blacklist.  You know "Blacklist After Effects.txt" which tells After Effects to ignore my Premiere only plug-in.  I get bogus After Effects error as my Premiere plug-in is Premiere only. 


      What if there already is a blacklist file in C:/Program Files/Adobe/Common/plug-ins/CS6/MediaCore


      I think that my ZXP will overwrite the file or ask the user if they want to replace it.


      The user is clueless about blacklist files and this should not be up to the user anyway. 


      How do I get Extension Manager to handle blacklist files correctly?

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          Xiaoyi Tong Adobe Employee

          Hi Bill,


          Extension Manager cannnot handle it. If the user launch a command line window with admin priviledge, and isntall the extension with the command "XManCommand.exe -suppress -install zxp="xxx.zxp", then the overwrite dialog will not pop up( Actually, all confirm dialogs will not pop up ). However, I don't think most users will install the extension in command line mode.


          Anyway, we will consider your requirement in the new version of Extension Manager. Thanks.


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            BillClag Level 1

            Thanks.  I will put in the Installation Instructions and FAQ for the user to back up the existing BlackList and manually merge.