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    Flash installed, but computer doesn't show it and sites don't recognize it


      I have an iMac, running Mac OSX 10.6.8, Safari browser.  Have repeatedly tried to download Flash player over the last month or so - when I do, it seems to download, but then I can't find it on the computer anywhere and when I try to play videos that require Flash player, they don't show up and I see a message to download Flash Player.  So today I looked on the Adobe website and ran the Flash Player uninstaller for my version of OSX, then downloaded the latest Flash Player.  Same problem.  When I go to the page on this site to see if I have Flash Player installed, it shows that I have the latest (11.5.whatever it is today).  When I click on the link, I see the little video.  I've gone down that page - everything is enabled that should be enabled.  But I still can't play videos requiring Flash Player!  The videos simply don't load; there is blank space and a message saying I need to install Adobe Flash Player.  And I still can't find any mention of it on my computer.


      I'm at my wit's end; can you all think of what else I should try?  Thank you very much.


      By the way, I'm having the same problem with my Macbook Pro, running an older version of OSX (maybe 10.4?  Don't have it here in front of me.)  So it is not just this computer with the problem.