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    Krischu Level 1

      I'm still messing around with our screwed RH9 installation which is an imported RH5 project.

      We have a lot of .h-files with #define item_one  12. In one child project I see that the BSSCDefault.h contains a lot of our HelpIDs.

      It seems that the Map-IDs are spread over the actual project.h file and the BSSCDefault.h file.

      NB: In another merged project the mapping machanism seems to work and in that other project all BSSCDefault.h are empty. (0 bytes).


      In the HHP-File there is a [MAP]-section


      #include BSSCDefault.h

      #include 1-project-gi.h






      BTW, is it correct that some sections start with #include, others with just the filename?


      The bottom line is:


      Our merged project .chm file is significantly smaller than the RH5 merged project file, as if

      some or all mapping IDs are missing. Also when using the csh-test-tool as well as our application

      one cannot find an item by it's map-ID.




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          RoboColum(n) Level 5

          Hi Christoph.


          First of all the lack of any "#include" syntax in the [TEXT POPUPS] section of the HHP file is a red herring. I have the same in my projects so don't worry about that.


          As for the map files and mapids, I personally don't believe it is an issue which map file a mapid is in. The major consideration is that it is there in a map file. It maybe worth running the Mapids report from the Tools > Reports menu item. This will list the mapids you have in your help files and you can use this to see what (if any) are missing.