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    Link to RH topics from embedded Captivate slide?

    Alberti Level 1

      RH10, WebHelp, Captivate 6




      I've been using RH for years, but I'm new at Captivate.


      I want to have a rollover effect in a WebHelp topic, whereby the user can hover the mouse pointer over a graphic and a window will pop up. Inside the pop-up window will be hyperlinks to topics within the same WebHelp project.


      My understanding so far is that I can insert a Captivate slide in WebHelp topic to achieve this. The Captivate slide would contain the background graphic, and a "rollover slidelet".


      My question is, at what point do I create the hyperlinks to WebHelp topics  in the slidelet? Must I do this in Captivate, and if so how do I specify the target path of the link?


      Or can I do this linking after I embed the Captivate slide and slidelet into the WebHelp project?