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    Javascript for Automated Tax Calculation




      I am a novice form builder and need some help with a javascrip query.


      From the attached image below I am trying to write scripts that will automatically calculate the 10% GST tax.


      So, in the "$ Amount (Incl GST)" column (Text7 Box) I would type $110.00 and hit enter and have it automatically calculate and add $10.00 to the "GST" (Text6 Box) and $100.00 to the "Amount Excl GST" column (Text5 Box), and the cursor would then appear in the Text8 box.


      I was also hoping to be able to override these amounts if I wish as sometimes with international vendors you are not required to pay GST.


      At present I have been using these Simplified Field Notations but they cannot be overriden and do not seem to update unless you enter an amount in the following row.

      (Text5 Box) = Text7 - Text6

      (Text6 Box) = Text7 *10/100


      Any help would be greatly apreciated, so thanks in advance!



      Requisition Example.jpg