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    Official Samsung S pen with eraser for the Galaxy Note 10.1.

    rtan73 Level 2

      I recently posted that it did not work with the U.S. model, but it does. I didn't realize that you had to disable the S Pen battery saving option for the pen to be recognized(almost sent it back until I came across the issue in another forum).

      It's a little larger than the default S Pen and has a side switch and an eraser.  For those of you interested the model  #ET-S200EBEGSTD. It is an official Samsung product. It can be found on the Hong Kong version of the Samsung site. I could not find it on the Samsung U.S. site, or any one selling in the states. I got mine from Ebay for $28.98 and free shipping(from Hong Kong).

      I can't tell you how happy I am with the pen. If you have any questions about the pen feel free to ask.