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    I keep getting time out error messages when trying to install flash player


      I've put a new install of Win 7 64 bit pro onto a new hdd.  All other s/w has worked fine and not given me any issues except for adobe flash player.  If I just install FP 11 it installs ok.  Issue happens when I try to install the "other" version for Steam.  The install screen stops at 11%, shoots up to 47%, then I get a timeout error message.  If I uninstall and install the Steam version 1st it works then the regular version gets the same timeout error.  I have folllowed all advice from previous threads on this topic such as disabling firewall (I use Panda), a clean adobe install using the flash player uninstall program and removing reader as well then going through the registry and removing all mention of adobe, etc, etc.


      I found a partial way around this.  I installed the Steam version of flash player, then found a website that I could download flash player 10 executable from.  I was able to run that and get both versions of flash player going on my system.  Then the flash player went and found the update to version 11.  I've just tried to install that and I end up with the exact same error messages all over again.


      Is there website that I can download the executable file for flash player 11 from or a link to it on the adobe website?