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    mike,Multicast media rtmp publish must use Flash Media Live Encoder? Flash 11.4, I use a worse probl

    kahsbnxasxwasx Level 1

      I use the example FMS installation files, Flash Media Live Encoder is very well, but when I released the source replaced with flash 11.4 a worse problem.

      Beginning everything is normal and Flash Media Live Encoder does not make any difference, but when I upload bandwidth limit to 2KB / S (This situation often occurs in the actual situation, such as the user suddenly side live side of upload files), video and audio becomes very blocked, this is not the key to the problem is to when I upload bandwidth settings for normal, blocking situation will be no better, and have been very bad, but Flash Media Live Encoder automatically adjusted to normal, flash 11.4 but not.


      I have to use flash 11.4, nobody will go to install Flash Media Live Encoder.
      Mike Do you test only test Flash Media Live Encoder, but did not test flash, or flash need another set of code, but I really can not find a reason.


      Please help me, God。