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    Audio skipping issue CS6


      I'm having an issue with skipping audio in Premiere CS6. (Latest version). I checked the forum and it has been suggested that it could have been an interupted conform - but have tried setting up a new project, re-importing, re-booting, moving the original file and relinking... Nothing has solved the issue.


      The playhead and video move as normal, but the audio appears to be 2 second clips from all over the timeline - completely out of sync.


      I'm using a mid 2010 MBP with 8 gig of ram.


      The edit isn't a complex one - a single video file with 2 audio tracks, although it's a big file:




      Needless to say the audio is fine when the file is played outside of Pr - and actually in desperation tried a new project on a much older MBP (2007ish - 4g ram) which handled the project fine with no issues. I can't use this machine for any more complex edits though! The 2010 machine struggles enough.


      Thanks - I'd appreciate any suggestions.