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    Is is possible to run aggregate queries (cf SQL's "group by") on a CQ5 repository?

    Nick Golding

      I am trying to produce a report of how many images were added to our crx repository (under cq 5.3) in the last year, by the directory to which they were added.


      In SQL I'd do something like

         SELECT COUNT(*) FROM image WHERE image.date >= '2012-01-01' GROUP BY image.directory


      However, CQ5's query builder seems to only allow selection of result items, no aggregate information like counts / "group by" - or if it does support that, I can't find documentation on how to use it.


      Is this possible, and if so how? If not, is there another way of extracting this information? (I could write a script to submit a separate query for each directory and just return the number of results for each one, but that seems a bit laborious for what is a fairly straightforward requirement.) Apologies if I'm missing something obvious!