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    help with ADE authorization?




      I've downloaded DE on my PC and I need to autorize it. Now my computer asks if I want to replace the AdobeID with the new one. I get confused, because DE was not on my computer yet, but I did autorize my ereader with my AdobeID.

      The question is, if the email adress stays the same, but the password changes, will I still be able to read the books that I already have on the ereader? I bought them via the ereader, so they were not on my computer before.


      When DE asks 'replace' does it mean to replace the anonymous account that is currently my pc or do I replace what I had before on the ereader as well? Because if I have to replace the AdobeID on my ereader as well, then I won't be able to read the ebooks that I put on the ereader.


      Thanks in advance!


      Kind regards,