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    help with ADE authorization?




      I've downloaded DE on my PC and I need to autorize it. Now my computer asks if I want to replace the AdobeID with the new one. I get confused, because DE was not on my computer yet, but I did autorize my ereader with my AdobeID.

      The question is, if the email adress stays the same, but the password changes, will I still be able to read the books that I already have on the ereader? I bought them via the ereader, so they were not on my computer before.


      When DE asks 'replace' does it mean to replace the anonymous account that is currently my pc or do I replace what I had before on the ereader as well? Because if I have to replace the AdobeID on my ereader as well, then I won't be able to read the ebooks that I put on the ereader.


      Thanks in advance!


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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          Lots of folks seem to think that using Digital Editions with an ereader is

          'plug and play'.  It's not, because there's a fair amount of technology

          that lurks in the background.  No offense, Denise, but I should put a

          perspective around answers to your questions.


          Epublications conform to the Digital Millenium Copyright Act of 2000 (DMCA

          for short), which sets out the way that they are managed.  There are

          restrictions on copying and printing ebooks, and those restrictions can be

          set by authors, distributors and publishers using Digital Rights Managemen

          (DRM).  At the same time, library management systems like Digital Editions

          have to build these restrictions into their programs.  In addition, ereader

          manufacturers can choose certain options to build into their equipment.


          Some ereaders can be used without registering them with the manufacturer.

          But their capabilities are limited.  Some, like Kindles and

          iPads/iPods/iPhones, are bound to a certain ebookseller (Amazon or Apple).


          All PC library management systems can access ebook sources without being

          registered.  However, as you're finding out, some will impose limitations

          on you if you don't register.


          ADE - registered or not - creates a small ID file for each ebook, and that

          contains information about the user.  So, you're correct in saying that, if

          you use a different ID, you won't be able to read the ebooks that you

          downloaded with (or without) a different ID.


          Your ereader also contains registration information - if you registered it,

          then the ID you used is embedded in its ID file, and will be associated

          with all ebooks that are downloaded/copied onto it.


          All that said:


          ADE is somewhat flexible, as you found out.  You can authorize it with an

          ID and then change it when you want to.  However, due to the DMCA, it won't

          let you read any ebooks other than those with that ID.  One solution that's

          worked for others is to set up an Adobe ID that's independent of your email

          address (which you can do even though the suggested format is for an email

          address) and use that.  If you change email, then you don't affect your

          ebooks.  However, for the moment, whatever ID you use should correspond to

          the one you used to download the ebooks.


          I can't tell you exactly what to do with your ereader., but the same idea

          applies.  You need to register it, and using the same ID as you did for ADE

          simplifies things greatly.


          Hope this helps!


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            Denise8051 Level 1

            thank you, I think I understand now. So the ebooks are only unreadable when the ID changes, not when the password changes.