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    Slide bar still not working


      Hi guys


      Really having problems with making this slider work for my iPad. Firstly Im no coder and have limited knowledge

      but I am trying to learn so I can utilise Edge animate more and more.


      Below is a link to download my edge folder and was wondering if anyone can have a poke around to advise what I may be doing wrong.

      Basically the movement is working on my desktop using the mouse however when uploading to my ftp space and accessing the .html slide

      it doesnt work




      and also is the code im using on stage under compositionready


      var dragme = false;



      $(function () {



         var element = sym.$("Divider");

         var clipper = sym.$("bar");



                element.mousedown(function() { dragme = true })

                $(document).mouseup(function() { dragme = false })

                $(document).mousemove(function(e) { 




                                              //Drag left side to the value of x.pageX (direction horizontal)


                      //top: e.pageY,

                      left: e.pageX


                  //Or use css property values

                  //element.css('left', e.pageX);



                  //Drag right clip side to the value of x.pageX (direction horizontal)

                  //clip values top, right, bottom, left

                  var directionX = e.pageX - (clipper.offset().left);

                                              clipper.css('clip','rect(0px '+directionX+'px 600px 0px)');




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          stokerjohn1981 Level 1

          Hello again


          Seemed to have answered my own question by looking into some helpful links provided by resdesign. I have another question if I may.

          The layout the slider sits in has some other interactions and when I test the page on the ipad the other interactions/buttons do not activate, and the slider is controllable no matter where I touch on the screen. I really just want to contain the interaction of the slider to the related graphic. Can anyone help


          kind regards