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    Blank Footage



      Ok i do not know how to write this problems in words but, i use this image to make things lot easier... i been getting these lines on my footage and this simply means that i can see that footage is on timeline but cannot view it... its all blank. I uploaded the data from sony xdcam ex1 using an sd card reader throw xdcam browse... imported the copied folder in to premier cs5, it works fine but when i close premier and open it again i get these lines... as far as i understand it this means that the footage is no loger linked or its been deleted or its in conflict with another clip with same file name. i usaully copy these clips to different folder change the name and import them again, that fixes the problem. But it keep happening with alomost all the project i work on. how can i overcome this problem.


      If u need any more deatil please do ask me.



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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          I uploaded the data from sony xdcam ex1 using an sd card reader throw xdcam browse


          Couple of things.  First, don't use any special software to copy the media from the card to your hard drive, just use Windows Explorer.  Second, "upload" means to transfer from a local computer to a remote computer via a network.  You're just performing a copy here, not an upload.


          Give that a shot and report back.

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            SAFEHARBOR11 Most Valuable Participant

            What Jim said. COPY the entire XDCAM folder structure to hard drive, and then in Premiere use "Media Browser" to do the Import, this is preferred method


            Jeff Pulera

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              K_Sunny Level 1

              Thanks for the tip Jim, i follow your instructions when i start new projectv...