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    Default file saving location

    avb1 Level 1

      I am in a school. We are using Win 7 and  Flash 5.1. When I open a new flash project, I get asked for the folder name, but am only allowed to put this in the default location. I need to place it on a student drive. Other drives do not show. Is there a fix for this pelase?


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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Are you using the "Save As" option?  If so, can you show ascreenshot of the Save As interface where you say no other drives are available?

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            avb1 Level 1

            Thanks for replying.


            Have not got that far. We are using the new Flash project option and in there we have to specify a folder, but the default folder is my documents which we cannot use. We have to be able to navigate to an external drive. Cannot do this. Think it’s a Win 7 issue.


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              sinious Most Valuable Participant

              When you plug in your USB drive does Windows pop up a dialog asking you if you want to view the files on the USB drive?


              The problem is with Flash 5.1, it's probably not updated to use Windows 7 save dialogs. The old save dialog has a drop-down approach. Look at the top of the save dialog for that drop-down which should contain a list of drives connected to the computer. One of them should be your USB drive. Do not try to save to C:\, that is the Win7 drive. You may have a D:\ for your DVD/CD drive. Look for something like F:\ or G:\ and look at the name of the device. Hopefully it says something like:


              E:\ (ST11292-USB)


              You'll know that's probably the USB drive. Select that and view the files and folders it shows. Check to see if that is your USB drive and save in there where the teacher tells you.

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