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    override flash player ESC function in fullscreen?

      I have a video player (using a video MC created via the library and pulling in video via NetConnect) that I have set for fullscreen using the fullscreen actionscript 2.0 code to set the stage for fullscreen. (seen below). Once the user goes full screen, then the controllers I built fade out, new fullscreen controllers show, then hide via mouse movement / key press and the video scales by 5%.

      When a user presses the ESC key they exit via the built-in Adobe code for the Player. I have a listener set up (code below) for the ESC key, which functions AFTER someone exits fullscreen mode. What I need to have happen is that once someone exits fullscreen mode via the ESC key the player resizes and the original controls show....without having to press the ESC key twice. Which is what happens currently = once to exit (Adobe's code), once to trigger the listener that tells the video and controllers to do what they should do (my code).

      Possible to override this? Create a unique listener for whatever ESC code that Adobe uses?

      Basically I need a way to trigger the show controls / video resize once a user goes back to normal mode.

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          Is this for online or offline work ?

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            yes, this is for a live site. I found that for some reason Adobe felt the need to block all code in the name of security...which is fine but they should have at least allowed something like a listener to trigger another call.

            One thing that I thought could possibly work would be detecting the stage change...although the first attempt I had at that didn't do diddly. Seems that if I can at least detect that Stage["displayState"] == "normal"; then something should work.

            I looked around on the Adobe Lab sites for people with "samples" of the fullscreen script and it looks like nobody else was trying to set up anything similar, i.e. they stuck with the "ESC" code that was built-in.

            So...any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!