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    MXF issues with Premiere Pro CS6

    Carter Beauford



      I am having trouble using Canon XF300 MXF files in Premiere Pro CS6 v6.0.2. I am using the media browser (tried icon and list view) to import footage (first importing to internal HD via the Canon XF Utility). I can import and play audio and video for all files under 2.05 GB but PPro limits any file longer than 30 seconds to  30 seconds.

      Alos, Canon cameras cut files over 2.05 GB into separate MXFs. Most of my footage are interviews over 10 minutes long so I have 3 or 4 separate MXF spanned files for each clip. Premiere is having most trouble handling these files. First of all it limits them to 30 seconds each. Then, when I import them and drag them into a sequence it will only play audio from the first spanned file, even if video from the second sapnned file is playing.


      I have tried merging all spanned files using Canon XF Utility's 'Export to MXF' function. As a result I have one 10 minute long MXF file but when I import it to PPro it still limits it to 30 seconds.


      I made the change to PPro because of the ability to edit various formats in a single senqunce without tanscoding. I recently purchased a Sony FS700 and FCP7 couldn't really handle the MTS (or clipwrapped movs). Premiere handles them perfectly but can't handle the MXFs. So currently I am finding myself going into FCP7, logging and transfering the MXFs and transcoding them to .movs using the Canon XF plugin for FCP7 and then importing those to Premiere (they work fine this way)...but of course its a hassle to do with hundreds of clips per shoot.


      I also noted that VLC 2.0.x versions can't handle the MXFs so well (video plays fine, audio at double the speed) but VLC version 1.0.3 handles them ok as long as I dont forward the video.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.


      Computer specs: Mac Pro 2.66GHz 12 core, 16 GB RAM running latest Snow Leopard update.

      Clips shot at: 29.97 fps, 50 Mpbs, HD 1920x1080.