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    Missing Font Error Message

    MECS Level 1

      I am using the Arial font to place some text on some pages.  I have done this same thing many times before.  However, I suddenly am getting an error dialog box when I open the pages that says:


      Missing Fonts


      This movie uses fonts that are not available on this system.

      Director will use a default font to display the following:


      Matisse ITC


      I can click the OK button on this dialog box and the program continues to run properly.  However, it's annoying to the users, and looks unprofessional, so I 'd like to be able to fix it.


      Here's the odd part;  I don't even have a font called Matisse ITC in my director list of installed fonts.  And none of the text I have entered on the various pages use anything but Arial.  So why is the system suddenly looking for a font called Matisse ITC, and how to do I fix this issue to stop the error dialog box from popping up every time these pages are opened?


      Thanks for your assistance.



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          James Newton, ACP Level 3

          -- If you are using no Field members, then you might find the handler below useful.


          on FindMissingFonts() ------------------------------------------------


            -- OUTPUT: a property list with the structure:

            --         [<missing font name>: [affected text members], ...]



            tMissingFontList = [:]



            tCastLibNum = the number of castLibs


            repeat while tCastLibNum

              tMemberNum = the number of members of castLib(tCastLibNum)


              repeat while tMemberNum

                tMember = member(tMemberNum, tCastLibNum)

                if tMember.type = #text then

                  tMissingFonts = tMember.missingFonts


                  i = tMissingFonts.count

                  repeat while i

                    tFont    = tMissingFonts[i]

                    tMembers = tMissingFontList[tFont]

                    if ilk(tMembers) <> #list then

                      tMembers = []


                      tMissingFontList[tFont] = tMembers

                    end if




                    i = i - 1

                  end repeat

                end if


                tMemberNum = tMemberNum - 1

              end repeat


              tCastLibNum = tCastLibNum - 1

            end repeat


            return tMissingFontList

          end FindMissingFonts



          -- Cheers,


          -- James

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            prossel Level 1

            Years ago, I wrote a movie xtra to search and replace fonts. It works on Text and Field members and still works with Director 11.5.


            If you enter noting in the replace field, it will only lists fonts it finds (with location).


            You can donwload it from



            It is in French, but it's so simple you can probably use it by guessing or by using an online translator.


            If you like code, I also provide a Lingo function to replace one font by another. It is usefull if you have lots of fonts to replace. (Should work as well, but I didn't try it with D11.5)