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    FlashPlayer 11....will not install


      Received error message "need flashplayer 10 or higher"    I had 11.nn.nn.nn already loaded.   Did not work.  So search the web and it stated to uninstall Frashplayer and reinstall.  Did so, now it will not reinstall.  Have downloaded Window8-RT-Kb2770041X-64 and ran it.  It looked like it worked, rebooted machine and there was no update.........  Checked add/uninstall, checked Manage Add-ons but no signs of Flashplayer.  Tried running install again but it says it is already installed.   Help?????


      Win8 Pro

      64 Bit OS

      Toshiba Laptop

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          chris.campbell Adobe Employee

          How did you uninstall the original version?  I suspect that you were using the new (metro) version of IE and encountered a page that had not been white listed.  It's possible that the desktop version would have worked.  See this post for instructions detailing how to switch over to the desktop version




          As far as I know, running that kb installer should have reinstalled Flash Player.  Can you go to your C:\windows\syswow6\macromed\flash folder and list out the contents?  Just in case, please list out the contents of the C:\windows\system32\macromed\flash folder too.



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            mrbobccc Level 1



            I used the control panel / Programs and Features  to uninstall Flash.  It seem to work fine.  Shut down Norton.  Went to reinstall it and looked like it reinstalled rebooted and checked it was not there.  It was not in Programs and Features or Manage Add Ons.  Tried to reinstall it again and it said it was already there.


            C:\windows\syswow64\   -----     Flash.ocx_____________control

                                                             Flashinstall ___________ text




            C:\windows\system32\    ------    Flash.ocx _____________control

                                                            FlashUtil.Activex.dll _____exten

                                                            FlashUtil_ActiveX _______app


            Back to you.  They said there would be a learning curve but they did not say how steep it would be.  My wife is going nuts trying to deal with 2 vers of IE.

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              chris.campbell Adobe Employee

              The version you uninstalled was probably the plugin version (you can redownload this again here.)  The plugin version is used for other browsers like Firefox, Opera, etc.


              Your activex stuff looks ok to me.  Do you notice any difference between the "modern" (metro) version of IE and the desktop version?

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                mrbobccc Level 1

                I did the download you showed and I can see it in "programs and features" but not in "manage addons"   Now I can not find anything to try it on.


                Difference between metro and desktop?   Yes desktop is far better and I use that 90% of the time.   Metro has no favorites tab or good menu bars.  Metro does not seem as user friendy desktop.  Here is another if it ain't broke don't mess with it.  If that was your question.   If it concerned activex, I have not noticed and differents between the two.  Have you?

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                  chris.campbell Adobe Employee

                  For what it's worth, I don't have Flash Player in my IE 10 manage addons either.  If you go to this page in the desktop version of IE, what version is reported as being installed?



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                    mrbobccc Level 1


                    Windows XP 32 Bit


                    Well that is not really true ether.   I am booted into XP not Win8 at this time.  Will check when I boot into 8 again.   Are you reading the same as I am, that WIN 8 is not being well received?

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                      chris.campbell Adobe Employee

                      11.1 is pretty old, I'd recommend updating your XP system when you get a chance.  Our latest version is 11.5


                      I run Win 8 on my systems and have found that it's pretty solid.  I do admit though that I decided to add a start menu button (using Start 8) and I'm not a huge metro app fan at this point, mainly because I like my applications in windows, and not full screen.  I do appreciate the faster boot times and new task manager though