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    What's supposed to happen when opening a raw file twice?

    Noel Carboni Level 8

      Let's say I open a .CR2 file through Camera Raw into a document, and edit it a bit.  The document name is the raw file name.


      Now I go to File - Open... or File - Open Recent - ... menu and choose the same .CR2 file again.


      • Sometimes I get a new run of Camera Raw leading to the creation of a new document.
      • Sometimes it just makes my prior document window current.


      How's it really supposed to work?


      Other users:  How does it work for you if you do this?


      Personally I'd prefer the first of the two behaviors.  If I want to open a new document from the file (implied by my choosing File - Open...) then I'd rather not have to save the document as a different name before opening the .CR2 file again.


      It doesn't seem randomly intermittent, per se - if it's decided to be in the "make window current" mode doing it 10 times will yield the same thing - but I haven't noticed what triggers the difference in behavior.


      Anyone have any insights as to what's up with this?