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    Adobe "Best Practices" aren't practical to implement!

    Ansury Level 3
      Maybe I'm just venting, but seriously -- what the heck guys (Adobe)?

      I've been pretty forgiving in general about this kind of stuff but the list of annoying issues I've been finding is getting a little long. It seems like every time I make a serious effort to implement Adobe's "best practices" form validation functionality, it takes a massive amount of time unless you're doing it EXACTLY like the example presented here:


      And even here, there's *alot* of repetitive (and bug-vulnerable) code going on here if you're doing multiple forms, or forms of any modest level complexity. God help you if you're trying to use these "best practices" using an editable DataGrid with validation assistance in a popup window...

      Is this an outdated article or something? Are there any useful examples of how to do this more effectively (maybe with some code reuse?), that include less commonly (but still important) features required for accessibilty (disabling buttons seems to screw with tab navigation) or various types of custom functionality?

      I know this is like complaining that the air conditioning in my private jet is hard to control, but if Adobe's gonna recommend doing this, it shouldn't take hours to do, right?