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    Media Manager Trim changes timecode to Drop-frame.


      Have a project with footage shot on AJA Kona Ki at 29.97Psf using Apple ProRes 422(HQ).  Timecode base Non-Drop-frame time-of-day timecode.  Editing in CS6.0.2 on Mac OS 10.7.  Trying to trim project using media manager so that only the used media can get color-graded using Filmlight's Baselight.  Once the project is trimmed and new trimmed media is created, we export an EDL from the new sequence and conform in the Baselight.


      However it seems Premiere is changing the timecode of the new clips to Drop-frame timecode.  The EDL seems to reflect this and the Baselight can't conform.  We've imported the trimmed media into FCP 7 and confirmed that it sees the new media as Drop-frame timecode.  What the heck?


      Can anyone help to replicate this issue and confirm if we're seeing what we're seeing.  Think it is a huge bug of some kind.  If I can get someone to help confim, I'll submit a bug report. 


      While on the topic of drop-frame.  Premiere also seems to think is needs to compensate for DF code when you import a sequence from a Premiere project straight into Adobe Media Encoder.  For instance a sequence that is set to start at 01:00:00:00 imports into AME with starting timecode of 01:00:03:15.  Or at least it's always 3:15 off from whatever timecode the sequence is set to start at.  That sounds like the offset needed to compensate for the difference between NDF and DF code.  This makes bringing one sequence in and setting in and outs while in AME a very big pain.  Such as a sequence with 10-30sec spots starting at the even minute.  Can anyone help to confirm this issue as well?


      System info:


      2x2.66 6-core Xeon.

      32 GB Ram

      NVIDIA Quadro 4000 for Mecury playback

      OS 10.7.4


      Thanks for the help.