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    Premiere Pro editing Dell Precision on 5k budget


      Greetings, Ive had an XPS 720 for the past 5 years but now its time to step into a new rig. I have no more than five thousand to spend on a dell rig. This desktop will need to do 4 things: edit HD video on Premiere Pro and effects on After Effects, edit photos in Photoshop, and run World of Warcraft (LOL?). I currently have CS4 but will be upgrading to CS5.5 in the near future.


      So Im wanting a Dell Precision tower, but I need help in choosing the best options for my money. The only thing I know I want is 32g of 1600 ram. As far as processors (single or dual... 4, 6, or 8 cores... Xeon or i7) Im not really sure. I was leaning towards a Quadro 4000 for the GPU only because Adobe recommends the Quadro lineup. I do plan on installing a SSD for the OS, and a RAID0 for video storage as well as a single external 128g SSD for writing video and cache.

      Any help would be appreciated.