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    Simplified Chinese index is gibberish

    Caitlin Andrews
      I use RH7 from the Tech suite and look forward to the Unicode support that is implicit in this release. I have a project that creates perfectly vaild topic pages internally, but the index is gibberish.

      I have set the project language to Simplified Chinese, I have set the default language to Simplified Chinese in the tools menu (just in case), and I have recreated the hhk file just to be sure.

      When I run the index wizard, I see the chinese chars in the display, but when I compile the project, I see :"Warning: Data loss is converting data using choosen(sic) language."

      Why is this happenning? I have looked at the hhk file in Notepad and it is Unicode (UTF8). Why is it being converted?

      Any help would be appreciated,