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    Question - rename pdfs based on bookmarks in the files


      I am totally new to javascript (have done some visual basic and other old-school programming).  I am scanning years of paper filing to searchable pdfs, and want to automate one important part of the process.  I suspect that what I need is fairly simple if you know javascript, but for me would be a big learning curve.


      What I would like is a script that will

      • look at all the existing pdfs in a folder that I can specify each time the script is run
      • each pdf will already have one or two bookmarks (some will only have one; none will have more than two)
      • rename the file, using the first (or only) bookmark as the filename
      • change the create-date of the file, using the second bookmark as the date
      • save the file(s) in a new subfolder under the original folder - folder name unimportant


      If the date is too problematic, then it is optional (the bookmark would be 'dumb' text, and the date format wouldn't be guaranteed the same for each) .


      I've never run a script before, so please give (or point me to) the real basics, like, where do you save a script and run it from there -- all the ignorant questions!


      Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.