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    Suddenly - Flash crashes if file contains AS

    mechanicarts Level 1

      So far I've never had any real problems - short of some temp hangs when switching tools.

      So I started making a game in Flash (CS6). I'm still in the beginning, I just imported two images to get started with the backgrounds. I added some text, converted it to symbol and had it in the timeline to fade out. I added some code at the last frame to move some stuff around, but didn't get to test it.


      I pressed CTRL+enter to view my work, but as soon as the animation started playing, I closed it to continue (I have a habit of pressing Ctrl+enter for no reason at random times). When I closed the preview, Flash hanged (permanently).


      So I forcequit it, and reopened it. I tried to open the RECOVER file Flash made for me, but it hang again. Forcequit, reopen, tried to open my old file, hang.


      Forcequit, reopen, tried to make a new file. It worked. I started working again on other stuff (I'm just testing the waters for my game), wrote some other code, did some other animation. I previewed, worked fine, as soon as I closed the preview, hang. Again with the forcequit and trying to open the different versions (RECOVER and manual save) to no avail.


      My question is: WTF?


      I mean, how can it work perfectly, preview perfectly and when I close the preview it crashes?


      I have CS6 (and I don't want to reinstall because I have it as part of the whole suite, 2-3 hours of installation that is) and Windows 7 x64 Home Premium. I also have a Wacom Intuos 4M (yes, newest drivers, reinstalled, rebooted etc) that I have hooked because I used it to draw some stuff in the file.


      PS: forgot to say that if the file does not contain any script, everything works like a charm.