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    Flex and webobjects

      I have a web based application in web objects and html. I need to redesign the UI part of that application in flex but the backend remains as web objects.
      I need to navigate from one screen to other in flex via hyperlinks or buttons. For each screen, i have .swf component created. When i place each of the .swf component in different html pages and try to perform navigation, it doesnt happen. I am able to get the correct page name printed in console but the response is not going through.
      I am not sure but probably its due to webobjects request response cycle which is not going through properly and thats why this is happening.

      In order to solve this issue, i have created one html page and placed all my .swf components in the same page. thsi way i am able to navigate but i am facing another issue.
      When i navigate from one page to another, the previous state of the html page remains the same, i.e. if i have used scrollbar in my first page and i click another button to navigate to second page, the scrollbar remains at the same place as effectively, its the same html page.

      If any one else has faced the similar issue and have some pointers, pls let me know.
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          ntsiii Level 3
          I do not know what you mean by "web objects", but you are misusing Flex when you architect an application this way.

          Flex is not for building swf-based html pages. I suggest you start over by creating a real Flex application. You will be able to use most of the code in the mxml application files you have created.

          Use navigator components to change your screens.

          A typical Flex app never calls an url, except to get data. Flex architecture is more like AJAX.

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            chhavs Level 1
            what i am trying to do is i have one html page and one swf component embedded in it. In that one swf component, i have stack of mxml files, may be, around 10. Each of the mxml component have different height and width. So when i try to embed this single swf file and specify height and width for the same, according to different mxml files, i start getting flex scrollbar.So my html page has one scrollbar and flex has another. So two scrollbars on one page doesnt mke any sense. Is there any solution wherein the vertical scrollbar for flex doesnt come up but the whole component is visible?