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    Project playback in timeline shows vision as jerky post render


      However the single video files viewed in the media section before they are dropped into timeline play fine. Project also exports to be viewed fine.  But editing while creating a project is useless if cannot playback accurately from timeline before export. 

      Looked at thread http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1071217  which seems to have same issue.

      I am new at using the software but confident with the basic functionality and creating a project- however not so good at all the settings and general computer stuff.

      here's some of the info I think is needed to trouble shoot if this helps at all:  Thank you


      Dell inspiron 1525.

      Windows 7 -32 bit.

      Core(TM) Duo CPU 1.66Ghz 1.67 Ghz.

      RAM 3.49GB usuable out of 4GB.


      NTFS 465GB

      Drive C: 348 Gb free



      Computer : ACPI x86 based PC

      Disk drives:

      Hitachi HTS545050B9A300 ATA Device

      DVD/CD :

      Optiarc DVD+-RW AD-5560A-ATA device.

      dont know how to find video card info or audio system?


      Virtual memory= total paging file for all drives 3574MB.

      Processing scheduling is set for best performance of programs.


      Files:  Imported direct from memory card using Elements 10 (camera is Canon Legria HFM40)

      Type: MPEG movie

      Image :1440 x 1080

      Frame rate 25:00

      Pixel aspect ratio 1.333

      These play perfectly from the project media window.