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    M2TS Codec and choppy playback in PP

    Hamza Sgayar (Redcode)


      I'm trying to edit HD files with the M2TS codec, the problem is that when i try to scrub through the timeline it gets real choppy and so hard to edit
      Note that i didn't had such a problem with an MXF codec, the playback was smooth..


      PS: The Res. are 1920x1080

      Any ideas\advices on how to get over this problem is appreciated.


      My System:

      I5 760 running at 3.20GHz (OC)

      16 GB Of ram Running at 1600 Mhz
      GTX 580 Video card Running Dual Monitors 24" At 1920x1080
      One SSD Crosair Force GT 120 Gb For the Boot
      4 X 1 Tb Blue HDrives.


      Thanks :-)


      And Adobe... We are waiting for the PP CS6.5...Waiting with high expectations..