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    How do I unlock a table row height?

    hengwen Level 1

      I've been using the same table (40 rows, 20 columns) in a quarterly publication for at least 5 years. While I don't need to edit it very often, I've never had a problem in the past. I've just upgraded to CS6, and now I cannot change most of the row heights to be more than 0.2".  There are three rows that are taller than .2", and I can still resize them. But the other 37 rows can only be decreased in height, not increased. I've tried setting the height to "At least" instead of "Exactly", with no effect. I've checked all my Table Options settings and find nothing there to change.  I use dozens of tables in this publication and have no problem resizing rows or columns in any of the rest of them. Any idea what's going on here? Whatever I've done to lock this particular table, I sure don't want to accidently do it to any of the others. Thanks in advance!