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    All my audio (WAV) files got destroyed by "Metadata writing in progress" error. Help please?


      I am running Adobe Premiere CS6.03 which is the most current update I believe. I am running Windows 7 64bit with 16GB RAM 3.60 GHz quad core.


      When I tried to save my project I got the error "Metadata writing in progress (2 files pending). If you quit before writing is complete, data will be lost. Are you sure you want ot quit? "


      I waited 30 minutes but nothing changed. So I just accepted and exited. Then when I reopened the project all the sound looked like this:




      They are WAV files from a Zoom H4N. The video files work perfectly. For some reason it's just the audio files that got destroyed. The actual original WAV files itself are fine it's just that particular sequence, in fact I can pull the original audio files from the project tab into the same sequence and they will play. It would take me ages to reconstruct the audio sequence piece by piece. I tried "Replace Footage" which didn't work and I tried linking the media all over again which didn't work. I've been working on this project forever. Is there any fix for this?