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    How to make optional subtitles in many languages in one movie (AP Elements 10)



      Could you please help me.

      I have AP Elements 10,

      I made a short film in Spanish, it is about 1,2 GB.

      I want to add subtitles in 7 languages,

      if I just make 7 versions of the movie plus one without subtitles it is 9,6 GB, which is too much for a 4,7 DVD without decreasing the quality.

      Is there a way in AP Elements 10 to make a dvd with just one version without subtitles and add subtitles from a separate text file also placed on the dvd. So that the person watching can choose the subtitles version and has only one DVD?

      And if not, could you please recommend me a freeware that has this feature and can be used to add subtitles to a DVD produced with AP Elements.

      Thanks for help,