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    Need HDD advice




      i have a few questions, that i hope will help me to make a right choce what HDD to buy! I ran out of hdd space and need to get something .... but also maybe increse some performance a little as well!


      here is what i have now :


      - msi X58m

      - intel I7 950 3.07GHz

      - Win 7 pro 64bit

      - corsair 1600(work as 1066MHz) 3x4GB = 12GB (and already ordered 12GB more)

      - evga 580gtx 3gb classified

      - HDD disc c: WD raptor sata II 150GB 10 000rmp

      - 3 more old sata 2 HDD

      - chievtec 1000w


      i am thinking to get SSD for Drive C: as i ve been heard about great performance they give. the only problem is i dont have SATA 3/6GBs ports on my mother board! so my question is would it worth to use SSD on sata 2?

      or maybe i can get something like ASUS 3US6 (http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/Accessories/U3S6/#specifications) install it on my board, it gives two sata 3 ports...

      Does the Pci x 2 really able to give me true 6GB/s transver?

      btw if anyone can suggest something simular to Asus 3us6 with 2 or more ports plz let me know (i dont really need usb3...)


      What is the best chose of SSD? in terms of reliability and speed? i have heard that INTEL are most reliable SSDs and live longer, is it true? if so then what version? they have a few ..... 520 seems like the best now...


      i need new regular HDD as well, but what is the best choice now? back in 2-3 years the best were WD blacks with 5 y warranty, but i have heard its an old tech now....... what is best our days?



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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          SSD: Corsair Performance Pro, Plextor M5 Pro or Samsung 840, all based on the Marvell controller, not the Sandforce. The benefit of the Marvell controller is less performance degradation in 'stable state'. All SSD's have a limited number of write cycles before they are dead. That is the reason for overprovisioning. With current NAND technology the life-span is limited to around 3000 write cycles.


          HDD: the fastest disk currently is the Seagate Barracuda 7200.14, but it is hampered by one year warranty. The WD Blacks are a good choice too as long as you don't use them in a parity raid. Alternatives are Hitachi Ultrastar 7K3000 or Seagate Constellation ES disks.

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            anat_usa Level 1



            thank you for support! very usefull info!


            but what about the option to create the SataIII out of the PCIe Gen2 x4 ? does it worth to use it? now i have only sata 2, but new drives have sata3 and for sure i could use an extra gain!


            do u think its worth getting something like that - ASUS 3US6 (http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/Accessories/U3S6/#specifications)?



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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Basically the answer is no. You have only one SSD capable of SATA 6G connections, that are not available on your mobo, but all it does for editing is faster start-up of programs. It does nothing for your editing experience. All your conventional HDD's are SATA 3G, so they will not profit from SATA 6G connections and even if they were SATA 6G disks, conventional disks are too slow to see a performance benefit from the faster port.

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                anat_usa Level 1

                well that asus card has Two Sata 3/6G on board and i plan to buy 1 SSD hdd for drive C:, but also a new regular 3-4GB HDD disc..... i can use both holes on asus.


                also same ASUS 3US6 gives not just two Sata3 , but also it gives USB 3.0 - i dont have usb 3 right now on my mother board so it could be usefull as well, -