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    Hard drive keeps decreasing.


      Whenever I work on PE10, my hard drive starts decreasing! I save all my stuff in D, but C keeps decreasing for no reason.. I've lost 5 GB so far for nothing. I found out about Rendering files and Media cache, but even after I cleaned them still nothing happens. Everytime I save a file I lose more and more space. I even changed the location of Media Cache and all that stuff to D, but C keep decreasing. What can I do? Thank you.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Where is your project file stored? Where are your cache and render files directed in your program preferences?


          If your hard drive space is at a premium, you probably need to upgrade your hardware to do any video editing. How much free, clean, defragmented space is on your C drive? Even if your cache and render files are being stored on your second hard drive, you need lots of free space on C for the program to open and function.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Welcome to the forum.


            Are your C:\ & D:\ separate, physical HDD's, or are they partitions on the same physical HDD?


            As Steve asks, how are your HDD's allocated? This is very important.


            Good luck,



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              P_Forrest Level 1

              Is your C: hard-drive an SSD?



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                MaorSwan Level 1

                Yes it is [that's why the storage is so important to me].

                Anyway, I've solved the problem, and it was pretty weird.. I tried openning a 300 mb video, and for some reason PE won't open it no matter how many times I tried; it also drained all my RAM to 100% and made the pc make weird noises and almost collapse, but after that I got my 5gb back to my C and I've moved all the cache folders to D so it doesn't drain C anymore.


                Thank you, solved!

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                  P_Forrest Level 1

                  I'm glad it works now.


                  I once had a SSD C: drive and it wouldn't recover its space even when I deleted files from it.  It just kept getting smaller and smaller until I had 6 GIGs left! 





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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    With an SSD, I think that it is far best to keep it as clean, as is possible, and use HDD's for as much, as is possible, beyond the OS and the programs.


                    SSD's are very efficient at reading, and why they do so well with the OS and programs. However, they still suffer a bit on the "write" end of things, though get better with each generation.


                    Were I to go with an SSD, the disc would ONLY be for the OS and programs, and then HDD's for all Projects, media, Exports, Scratch Disks, etc.


                    SSD's, as they get better, and as RAID controllers improve to use them in arrays, things will change, but for me, they are not quite ready for all other work. Maybe next gen.?


                    Good luck,



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                      P_Forrest Level 1

                      Hi Hunt,


                      I saw an ad for a 1TB SSD recently.  In two years, they'll be a lot cheaper.


                      When I got my new computer two years ago to be able to use the Production Premium Suite CS5 (now I'm at CS6 of course which is a lot better), I got a 120 GB OS drive.  However, the Adobe products should be installed on the C drive, all those unending Win7 updates, etc...  and other software and their updates...   I found that even using it just as an OS at 120 GIGs, it was a bad idea and Ishortly  switched it for a normal 1TB drive.