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    License error, I can't figure it out


      I bought a book thats DRM protected.

      The previous Mac laptop I used for the original purchase was stolen.


      I tried to put it on my new Mac laptop...no dice.

      So, I contacted the company and begged them to send me a new file. They did and it worked, now it doesnt anymore. I havent changed my clock, its the same time zone.


      I'm pretty sure I authorized my computer when i did it, but it wont accept my ID, neither of them(I have 2, but I just created the 2nd one yesterday),  it says one of my IDs is already registered, it probably means my stolen laptop...


      I've uninstalled and installed and I'm at a loss. I have two copies and I can't access either. If my computer wasnt authorised when it first worked, why wouldn't it work now?


      Any solutions?