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    Interactive PDF - Play a swf on click on button - how to?


      Dear everybody,


      I have made an InDesign document in which I inserted a swf file.

      I then made a button, selected "On release or tap" as event, and as action, I selected "Video".


      I then see my swf file's name appear in the drop-down menu next to "Video"

      I select "Play" as an option.


      I then exported my document to an interactive PDF.


      I was naively expecting to be able to click on the button and see my swf play when I do so.

      The button does work once, but when the swf is finished playing, clicking on the button does not make it play again.


      Is there anybody who knows what I am doing wrong?


      I have had the following thoughts:

      - do I chose the wrong action, shall I have selected something else than "Video" as action? But that's the only action that makes my swf file available next to the drop down menu. If I choose "animation" for example, my swf file is not visible.

      - is my swf file defective in some way? Shall I remove the "stop();" on my flash file that makes it stop playing after having played once? But if I do, the swf film loops endlessly, and that does not help the InDesign button work properly (=play from start when I click on it). I tried it!

      - I tried with an actual video file instead for a swf file. In this case, the button works as it should, both the first time and all the other times after that.


      Can anybody help with my problem, or come up with suggestions?

      I would be so grateful if somebody does.


      Thanks a lot!