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    Not all XML data get loaded in Indesign




      This issue is killing me so I need a little bit of help.


      I have an Indesign template where I load my XML data into. The data gets loaded into one big table. Data is weather information (see bellow example 1).

      Almost all data get loaded correctly in the table and the correct cell except for 2 or 3. If you look at the example bellow you can see the countries that I have tagged have number 66 except the "Koratie, Split", there you see "A". Whatever I did, it didn't change! except when I deleted the selected part in the XML file, see bellow example 2.


      So when I delete the selected elements (bulgarije...) the data in Kroatie gets loaden and when I put the Bulgarije element back in the XML, Koratie doesn't work anymore! All of the data is exactly the same (for testing purposes) except the name of the country/city.


      When I switch the place bewteen Bulagrije and Kroatie in the XML file, then Kroatie gets loaded but Luxemburg (under Kroatie) doesn't get its data loaded!


      Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?



      Example 1:




      Example 2:



      Im using Indesign CS6 on Windows 7


      Thanks in advance for any help/suggestion



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          pooja2087 Adobe Employee

          Hi Amir,


          What I understand from your problem is that the data is not getting loaded at all in few cells after XML import. I came across your bug and the test files but in my case the data was loading correctly in all the cells.

          During XML import these were the settings that I had turned on:

          "Clone repeating text elements"

          "Only import elements that match existing structure"

          "Import text elements into tables if tags match"

          "Do not import contents of white space elements"

          "Import InDesign tables as CALS tables"

          If I understood it correctly, please try with the above settings and let me know if it works.




          InDesign QE team

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            Infoplaza Level 1

            Hi Pooja,


            Thank you for your reply.

            I have the same settings, yet I still have this issue. I have noticed that the position of elements are really important. For example: If <element_2> is above <element_1>, element 1 wont get imported. So for now I have to import all my xml files (7 in total) and check the orders of all elements to see if everything gets imported correctly, otherwise rearange them.


            I have already called, mailed (complained) about this issue with the Adobe support / dev team and it has been recognised as a reacquiring bug in InDesign and hopefully will be a patch for it soon.