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    Smartimage is not displayed


      I  am creating a custom widget and i would like it to have a smartimage inside, I instantiated in this way:


      var form = new CQ.Ext.form.FormPanel({

                  title: 'Form Layout',

                  bodyStyle: 'padding:15px',

                  width: 650,

                  defaults: {

                      msgTarget: 'side'


                  items: [{

                      fieldLabel: 'First Name',

                      name: 'first',

                      allowBlank: false,

                      labelSeparator: ':' // override labelSeparator layout config



                      title:'Frame Image',








                  buttons: [

                      {text: 'Save'},

                      {text: 'Cancel'}


                  layoutConfig: {

                      labelSeparator: '~' // superseded by assignment below


                  // config options applicable to container when layout='form':

                  hideLabels: false,

                  labelAlign: 'left',   // or 'right' or 'top'

                  labelSeparator: '>>', // takes precedence over layoutConfig value

                  labelWidth: 65,       // defaults to 100

                  labelPad: 8           // defaults to 5, must specify labelWidth to be honored



      i just can see a blank space, what coul be the problem?

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          rush_pawan Level 4

          First of all 'smartimage' widget should not be under panel and require other properties to be set. But i would suggest to refer slideshow widget (xtype) to design your new widget '/libs/cq/ui/widgets/source/widgets/form/Slideshow.js'


          please let me know if you need any help.

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            dav_sa Level 1

            thank you for the answer, i have already seen the slideshow widget, the thing is that this widget extends of smartimage, so it make the things easier, i need to extend composite field.

            I read the documentation and says that you can put an smartimage into a FormLayout, thats why I put it under panel.