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    Drop Down List Text/Export Value Calculations

    JimmyMcK Level 1

      I have a large form for event entries that has drop down lists to determine categories (i.e. adult, child, advisor, guest, staff, etc [a, c, a, g, s, etc.]).  I need to quantify the total entries of each category over a number of pages.  Thus far I have only found references to mathematical calculations vs. text entries or export values found in drop down lists.  Can anyone direct me to the correct javascript code to accomplish this.  Thanks. 

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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          The export values for each item in the list should be unique. What you show above is an export. Skye of 'a' for both adult and advisor. When they are unique, you will be able to get the value of each filed and count how many of each are selected. Do you have an item in each field to indicate that no item is selected, such as a single space or something like "-- Select an Item --"? If so, what is its export value, if any?

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            JimmyMcK Level 1

            George, thank you for your time.  Correct, i do, in fact have unique "text" values for each and corresponding export values, also a null or (space) for no selection which is the default (the example was incorrect).  As a novice, i am unsure of the correct syntax to calculate the sum of each of the different categories.  The fields i have established are Rc.1, Rc.2.....Rc.35.  Each has a drop down list selection of  " ",A, D, R, G, S with corresponding export values.  What is the syntax to add all of the As, the Ds, etc. and place the value or count of that catgegory in a corresponding field that can be used to calculate differing fee schedules?