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    Premiere Pro CS5 hangs on startup exporterquicktimehost.prm


      Premiere was working fine for me and then last night I tried to open it but on startup it would hang up on loading exporterquicktimehost.prm. The same startup freeze happens with after effects when "initializing mediacore". I have searched and tried all the suggestions without any luck.

      -I uninstalled and reinstalled both adobe CS5 suite, and quicktime

      -Tried older versions of quicktime

      -moved the specific exporter and importer files which resulted in premiere loading but then crashing on a white screen.

      -added rules to windows firewall (only firewall I have) and tried completely off

      -deleted preferences from appdata folder and changed attributes to "not hidden"


      nothing has worked except this morning I created a new windows user and premiere opened up and loaded fine, now this seems to obviouslly be something to do with user settings but I am not sure what.


      I have searched and found other people have had this problem, but there are no definitive solution. Can anybody help solve this issue? Worst case scenario I will have to re adjust my documents and such to the newly created user and delete the old one, but it seems like it is narrowed down enough to figure it out.