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    Imposition without converting to PDF?

    Drew PCR Level 1

      I handle the playbills for a local theater in InDesign CS5. The majority of the program is a shell with advertising pages and other non-changing theater info, and is managed by the folks who do the actual printing. For each production, I just send them the fresh show-specific center pages to swap out.


      I have been designing the document as a series of 8.5 x 5.5" single-page spreads, and then copy/pasting them into properly imposed 2-page spreads in a new document when I'm done laying it all out. I've been using one-page spreads because it's easier to shuffle the order and add/remove one panel at a time rather than to copy content around in a 2-page spread.  The pain is that when I'm done, I need to do all of the imposition by hand into a second 2-up document so that I can save it as .IDML and send to the printing company for importing into their older InDesign shell document. Furthermore, when I have text that flows between panels, the flow breaks when I copy the content out of one document and into the other.


      I know there's a "print booklet" function that will do the imposition, but that only outputs a PDF and I need to keep the file in InDesign format. Is there any way to do this without shuffling all the pages around by hand? It's not bad with four or eight panels, but when I'm up to 20 it's tough to keep straight!