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    vlt commit in repo root

    Tomalec W



      Inoticed quite weird issue.

      I have checked out my vlt repot in to the directory where I store my app package:


      (vlt  --credentials login:pass co http://localhost:4503/crx/-/jcr:root my/path/jcr_root --force)

      vlt seems to work more or less fine


      But when I call

      vlt ci d:\my\path\jcr_root

      I get and error:

      Collecting commit information...

      [ERROR] commit: com.day.jcr.vault.vlt.VltException: ..: Directory is not under vault control.



      cd d:\my\path\jcr_root

      vlt ci


      vlt ci d:\my\path\jcr_root\someDir

      works fine.



      Is ther any way to commit everything without changind pwd to repo root?